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CANPA Holiday Project a Success for Fire House Shelter

Posted almost 6 years ago by Susan Appel

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My Dear CANPA Members,

Thank you all for your generous donations financial, clothing and general items. I think I can assure you they were all put to good use almost immediately!

A little narrative from the day I dropped off the items:

I choose to go at around noon as the shelter is located in a part of town where I normally would not go in general. A friend of mine was kind enough to ride along and when I pulled up in front of the shelter there were numerous men outside eating sandwiches, while standing on the side walk.   From previous experiences with the shelter I knew seeing the men standing outside eating at a meal time meant the shelter was full for lunch for those who could come in out of the cold to sit down and eat.

My friend upon seeing the men when I stopped the car said, "Susan, keep these doors locked when you go inside." Logically, I of course replied, "I need to unload the car so it needs to be unlocked."

One of the men came up and started to help me carry in the items. He was dressed in a light warm up type jacket and he looked at the bag I handed him and there was a man's blue winter coat.        He asked, "Can I have this coat?" I said "Of course!" He seemed so delighted! Many others also helped me carry in the items and all told me, "Thank you and Merry Christmas." I told them they were from the local Nurse Practitioners from the area.

I left with a warm feeling, but also felt very sad, thinking of the look in the man's eyes who found a new warm jacket on a cold winter's day and that it fit him very well. My friend said, "Well that worked out well!"

It was important to me to share this with you to let you know we made a difference, and I know each of you do every day as you care for your patients. Thank you!

Wishing you all the happiest holiday season ever,



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