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Holiday Project: Bring items to Dec 9th Meeting

Posted almost 6 years ago by Susan Appel

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The Firehouse Shelter


Firehouse Shelter
P.O. Box 11722
Birmingham, AL 35202
Phone (205) 252-9571
Fax (205) 252-9578
E-mail info@firehouseshelter.com
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Shelter Items Needed:
  • Canned goods: Fruit (large cans) Vegetables (large cans)
  • Men's socks
  • Men's underwear
  • Men's gloves
  • Men's blue jeans or Khaki Pants (all sizes)
  • Men's coats
  • Men's sweaters
  • Men's hats
  • Toiletries: Tooth pasteTooth Brushes Deodorant Soaps (small) Shampoos (small) Towels & Wash clothes
Permeant Housing Needs:
  1. Standing Floor lamps
  2. End tables
  3. Living room coach or chairs
  4. Kitchen table and chairs
  5. Twin mattress and/or box springs
  6. Twin Bed sheet sets
Transitional Housing Needs:
  1. Coffee Pots
  2. Coffee and coffee Cups
  3. Laundry and dish detergent
  4. 409, bleach, sponges, brooms, mobs, dust pans
  5. Laminated floor cleaner
  6. Bath and dish towels


Susan Appel almost 6 years ago

Feel free to contact Susan Appel sappel@ua.edu
205-541-6778 with questions

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