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Please Read Important Message From NPAA President, Joy Deupree

Posted over 8 years ago by Richard Brown

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April 27, 2012

To The Membership of the Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama:

Below you will see a list of proposed bills that were introduced in the 2012 legislative session. I learned today that a senate bill was introduced this week that I had no knowledge of (SB554); it appears to be a similar bill introduced by the house (HB683-noted below) but includes CNMs. Please Click Here and read each bill so that you can make an informed decision regarding your support for each. I do not believe you will see any more action on any of the bills this year related to prescriptive authority for Schedule III-V medications for NPs, As for this session, due to dissention from many groups (including some of our membership, ABN, and ASNA), no formal action was taken by NPAA to rally support for either of the bills related to prescriptive authority for Schedules III-V medications.

As NPAA begins planning for next year’s legislative session, I encourage everyone to work hard toward a unified approach. It is my belief that until we can come together within our own ranks that we are doomed to fail with any legislative issue. You will receive information throughout this year regarding plans for 2013 by both email and US Postal. Become involved with your region’s leadership to begin a conversation so that everyone is educated regarding the issues. Let the officers of NPAA hear from you- contact information is on the ENP network website: Click Here. Please attend regional and state meetings. Volunteer- we need everyone at the table!

I believe we have a unique opportunity before us as we prepare for 2013. Through the efforts of the NPAA Legislative Committee, we now have a coalition of 75 major groups and influential individuals who have agreed to support us when our bill or series of bills are introduced. The one request these individuals and groups have is for Alabama’s nursing organizations to unite with one voice.

In closing, I want to personally thank the Legislative Committee of NPAA (Terry Watkins, Amy Wybenga and Lori Lioce), for their unyielding commitment to move the NPAA agenda forward. The amount of time they have devoted to this endeavor during the last year on these issues is unparalleled. It has been a pleasure to work with each of them and I ask that you join me in thanking them for all of their hard work.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me at 205-601-4141 or through the ENP network.


Joy P Deupree, PhD, MSN, APRN-BC
President, Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama


Legislation Introduced in 2012 that would affect NP practice

HB 683 (Wren). Grant controlled substance prescriptive authority (Class III – V) to Nurse Practitioners; provides for certification authority and discipline through the BME and has a section that would allow for NPs to have an exemption of penalty should they need to prescribe for immediate family members in case of an emergency. The bill has failed to progress but we have a good beginning for next year. With 5 more days in the session the bill is basically dead. Similar Senate Bill introduced this week (SB554).

SB 314 (Bussman, Holtzclaw). Establish State Board of Midwifery. These would be “lay midwives” with only educational requirement a HS diploma or GED not Certified Nurse Midwives.

HB 410; SB 340 (R. Johnson/Blackwell). Allow PAs, NPs and Chiropractors to refer patients to Physical Therapists.

HB 25/66 (Todd). Authorize marijuana for medical uses.

HB 43 (Ball). Establish multi-state Health Care Compact.

HB 83; SB 44 (Weaver/Whatley). Nursing Scholarship Bill, primarily intended for graduate degrees for nursing educators. Passed and signed.

HB 111; SB 92 (McClendon/Ward). Establish Standards for Healthcare Needs for Persons with Hemophilia.

HB 112; SB 10/335 (Henry/Reed). Health Insurance Exchange; Exclude Abortion Coverage in Health Plan.

HB 273; SB 196 (McClendon/Dial). AL Medicaid; Requirement to Provide Care for Premature Infant. Out of committee in House.

HB 345; SB 283 (McCutcheon/Ward). Health Benefit Plans; Cover, Treat Autism Disorders.

HB 577SB 413 (Hall/Coleman). Health care, physician or health care provider, allowed to refuse to perform unnecessary medical services that could harm patient; Right to Professional Judgment Act.

SB 412 (Whatley). K-12 Schools; Self Administer Auto-inject Epinephrine.