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Opportunity to Participate in Dental Resident's Research Regarding NP Knowledge Regarding Pediatric and Infant Oral/Dental Health

Posted almost 9 years ago by Richard Brown

Dear Nurse Practitioner,

I am contacting you because you are a nurse practitioner at Children’s Hospital of Alabama. As part of the research requirements of my Dental Residency at the University of Alabama of Birmingham, I am conducting an online survey entitled “An Evaluation of Oral/Dental Knowledge of Nurse Practitioners in the state of Alabama.” The survey is under IRB Protocol Number X111104005. Participation in the study is voluntary and the survey will take about ten to fifteen minutes to complete. The purpose of the study is to assess the knowledge and experience of Nurse Practitioners in the State of Alabama in infant and childhood oral/dental health. If you are a UAB or Children’s Hospital of Alabama employee, taking part in this research is not part of your work or duties. You can refuse to enroll, or withdraw after enrolling by exiting the survey. You will not be offered or receive any special consideration if you take part in this research.

To start the survey, simply click on the link below. Thank you for your response and your professional courtesy of contributing to the knowledge of current nurse practitioner’s practices in the state.



Ryan K. Richardson, DMD



Principal Investigator