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Please contact your US Senator regarding federal legislation which would allow NPs to order and certify home health care

Posted over 9 years ago by Richard Brown

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 Home Health Care Legislation Reintroduced: Cosponsors Needed


What is the Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act of 2011?

S 227, The Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act of 2011, as introduced by Senators Susan Collins and Kent Conrad recognizes and authorizes nurse practitioners as eligible health care professionals who can order home health services under Medicare, ensuring that Medicare patients requiring these services receive optimal continuity of care. Currently, while nurse practitioners may conduct the required face to face visits for certifying eligibility for home health care services, they are not able to authorize orders for home health care services despite the fact that nurse practitioners are authorized Medicare providers.

Plan to Take Action!

If your Senator is one of the above sponsors of the bill, take a moment to say thanks for being a leader on this important issue. For all other Senators, please ask them to become Cosponsors of S 227 The Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act of 2011.

The easiest and most effective ways to reach your members of Congress are to call his/her Washington, DC office, or send an email through the AANP Advocacy Center. (See below). If you would prefer, members of Congress have online email systems that can be accessed directly through their web pages (found at www.senate.gov) .You can also find the phone numbers for your members’ Washington, DC offices on their web sites. Call, email or send your message through the AANP Advocacy Center which can be accessed by pressing the Advocacy Center site on the AANP webpage and following the instructions for S 227,the Ordering Home Health Improvement Act of 2011. You can use the sample letter that is attached to this announcement as a guide for your email or phone conversation. You may wish to add your own examples as well.

Thanks for taking action. If you have questions feel free to call the AANP Health Policy Office at 202-966-6414 or email dcoffice@aanp.org.

PS House bill introduction of companion bill is pending. Will keep you posted.