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Nurse Practitioners Support Our Physical Therapy Colleagues in Their Efforts to Improve Patient Access to Their Services

Posted over 9 years ago by Richard Brown

The Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama endorses and supports The Patient Interest and Access Act (PIAA) of 2011.

Currently there are approximately 3500 physical therapists and physical therapist assistants licensed to provide physical therapy (PT) services to the citizens of Alabama. While qualified providers are available throughout the state, two major obstacles challenge the delivery of PT in Alabama.

First, the Practice Act of Alabama was first enacted in 1965. The current version is dated 1975. While modifications to the act have been implemented since that time, the legislation is in need of significant modification to reflect contemporary physical therapy practice.


Second, patient access to PT services is challenged by the requirement of a referral by another health care professional resulting in delayed or no PT care at all for patients with pain and movement dysfunction. Research also shows that the requirement of a referral for PT services leads to increased health care costs and diminished patient outcomes.


The Alabama Board of Physical Therapy (ALBPT) and the Alabama Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (ALAPTA) have joined to resolve these challenges by creating the Patient Interest and Access Act (PIAA) of 2011. 


This website was designed to provide information about PIAA to PT consumers, legislators, patient advocacy groups, and health care professionals as well as provide suggestions on ways they can support the bill.


The Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama urges you to please visit the Patient Interest and Access Act (PIAA) of 2011 website at http://www.accessptalabama.com/ to learn more about this important issue and to sign a petition in SUPPORT of the legislation, our patients, and our physical therapy colleagues.


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