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Support NPAA's Bill 429 -- You can make a Difference!

Posted over 2 years ago by Susan Appel

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To NPAA Members and Supporters:

First, thank you all for garnering support for Senate Bill 46. Your actions resulted in passage of the bill by the Alabama Senate Health Committee last week. Only two senators were not present at the meeting to cast a vote (Senators Blackwell and Smith). If you have not already done so, please follow up with a “thank you” to all the other senators on the committee because they ALL voted “Yes” in favor of the bill. Also, thank any other people you asked to advocate for passage of the bill.

Now, your assistance is crucial to getting House Bill 429 passed! All NPAA members and supporters - please contact the Alabama House Health Committee members via phone and email by no later than Wednesday, February 21 before 9 am and urge them to support House Bill 429. If the representative is not in his/her office, please leave a message, and include your name, telephone number, and voting precinct (if you are in that particular representative’s voting district). HB 429 was introduced by Representative April Weaver and is the House version (companion bill) of Senate Bill 46 that was passed by the Alabama Senate Health Committee.

It is extremely important that you begin emailing today and follow up with phone calls today, tomorrow, or early Wednesday morning because the Alabama House Health Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 21, at 10:30 am at the Alabama State Building in Montgomery. If at all possible, please make plans to attend this very important meeting. 

Passage of HB429 is needed before this piece of legislation is can be voted on by all the Alabama Senators and Representatives. This final approval is needed before Governor Ivy can sign the bill, at which time it would become law. Only then will CRNPs and CNMs in Alabama have signature authority for medical forms within their scope of practice.

Please see attachment-Time to act is now!