Central Alabama Nurse Practitioner Association
Kirsten Stephenson

Kirsten Stephenson

Greenville, SC


Acute Care, Adult, Family, Gerontological, Neonatal, Oncology, Pediatric, Psychiatric / Mental Health, Women's Health

Clinical Subspecialties


About the preceptor Kirsten is looking for:

Located near Greenville, SC.

Hello! I am proudly enrolled at Clemson University in the Family Nurse Practitioner program. I am beginning my second semester and would like to begin connecting with potential preceptors in and around the area. I begin my clinical component in January of 2020. I am in search of a clinical preceptor for the following areas:

1) Adult (90 hours)
2) Family (90 hours)

Beginning in Fall of 2020:

3) Pediatrics (90 hours)
4) Women's (90 hours).

It is my goal to connect with someone willing to teach and facilitate an environment conducive to learning. I am a fast learner, eager to begin, teachable, compassionate, kind, and steadfast. Let's work together!