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New Psychiatric NP Program available at UAB

Posted about 11 years ago

Psychiatric NP for the Rural Deep South Hello colleagues,

I would like to announce that we are starting a new psychiatric NP program at UAB with the help of HRSA grant funding. The title is Psychiatric NP for the Rural Deep South.

Since 64 of 67 counties of Alabama are mental health professional shortage areas, there is plenty of room to grow. The first psychiatric nursing specialty courses will be taught in the spring of 2009. If you know someone who might be interested in our program (either as a new MSN student or in a postmasters capacity), please contact me. We are also recruiting psychiatric NP faculty.


Teena M. McGuinness, PhD, PMH-NP, BC

Professor, School of Nursing University of Alabama, Birmingham

1530 3rd Avenue South Birmingham,

AL 35294-1210