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Bill Introduced in Senate-- Change in NP:MD Ratio--Call your Senator

Posted 9 months ago

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NPAA has worked extremely hard over the past few months on an NP/Physician
Ratio bill that has the potential to positively impact the care that nurse
practitioners in Alabama provide to patients and families. We used the NPAA
membership feedback that we received during our annual conference this
past October and the recommendations we received from multiple legislators,
constituents, allies, and other health care colleagues to craft the bill to be
introduced for this year’s legislative session. As a result, the Ratio bill that NPAA
drafted was introduced as Senate Bill 114 by Senator Jim McClendon .

This bill, if passed, would state no limit shall be placed on the number of certified
registered nurse practitioners and certified registered nurse-midwives with whom
a licensed physician may collaborate with. This bill would also specify that no
the limit would be placed on a patient's ability to select a certified registered nurse
practitioner or a certified nurse-midwife.

NPAA is asking that you contact your representatives by phone and email to
support SB114. Here are some talking points to discuss with your representative.
Please stay abreast of this very important legislative issue over the next few
weeks; we need each of you to contact your elected representative to
advocate for the bill to be passed.

If you have any questions or would be available to travel to Montgomery to
assist in lobbying for this bill, please contact Eileen Meyer, NPAA VP of Policy,