Central Alabama Nurse Practitioner Association

Call for Nominations

Posted 5 months ago by Katrina Smith, MSN, FNP-C Vice President, CANPA

Greetings CANPA members! We are nearing the end of the year, and we have an upcoming election to fill officer positions due to begin January 2019. The nomination committee has reviewed the current candidates for Vice President, Parlimentarian, and Historian. Currently, no member has accepted a nomination for secretary. Please see the current members nominated for each role.
Vice President: Trina Smith and James “Brett” Brooks
Secretary: None
Parliamentarian: Pam Fordham and Justin Oden
Historian: Brenda Iddins and Carita Holman
*** The nomination committee is requesting each nominated individual to submit a short bio and picture to Cori Johnson at coricham@uab.edu by Sunday December 2, 2018. 
Any financially active member interested in running for a position may self nominate themself and submit a bio/picture by the above deadline.
Ashton Strachan DNP, FNP-c, Nomination Committee